Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What caused my Windows Vista to be very slow?

Yesterday I found out. It was Zone alarm's firewall.

If you installed it and your system suffers from the following symptoms, I recommend that you uninstall it.

1. Slow start up - doubles the start up time
2. Very slow shutdown - about 5 times slower than the usual Vista shutdown (which is slower than XP, but that is another story)
3. Slow performance - after running for more than a few minutes, the system would operate at 70% cpu usage or higher, everything was performing very bad. An example would be yourtube - clips would only play seamlessly after a fresh system reset. Trying to watch something in youtube after more than 2 hours without reset was impossible.
4. System responsiveness - or maybe lack of it

It was difficult to track it down to Zone alarm's firewall, because when checking the task manager, it was always a process other than Zone alarm's: Firefox, Java, IE…

If in doubt, uninstall it and .

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