Friday, February 6, 2009


So, three weeks ago i moved to Germany to a small town close to N├╝rnberg.

Its a very nice city with lots of old buildings, churches and castles.

I enjoy just walking about and looking at the buildings.

I work in a complete open space environment called Grossraum in German. I can't imagine working in such an environment in Israel. Here it is very quite, you could hear maybe one mobile phone ring during the day. The people are talking quietly. In Israel it was very difficult to work even with one more person in the same room: people talk aloud and their mobile phones are set to ring (not just vibe like they set them here) and they use the speaker phone function often.

The beer here is excellent. There are many brands to choose for. Oh, and since i live in Bayern, i am allowed to drink one beer during my lunch break...which i never will, but nevertheless its a nice thing to have.

My favorite type of beer is the Hefe Weizen, which is made of wheat and there are brewers yeast at the bottom. you must drink it from a glass, so that you could enjoy the yeast. Pour 80% of the bottle gently to your glass(so that it wont foam too much), and them stir the rest vigorously, then pour it to the glass. Enjoy.