Monday, May 18, 2009

Vista is slow

I don't know why I am still working with vista.

Maybe its new promising memory management. It was supposed to be great.

The bottom line: it is very slow. very.
Even after turning off all the things that might be the blame for being so slow: anti - virus, firewall, defender...and of course UAC. It is still much slower than the machine I have at work (which is at least two years older than the one i have at home).

Maybe it is DX10. I haven't tried it yet, but with the overall performance of the system, I don't expect much.

Needless to say all the fancy graphics is the first thing i turn off after installing windows: I am setting it to the classic scheme. Funny, I never had to turn off graphic options on KDE.

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Amit said...

What's your Vista score for each of the components? Maybe it will tell you what's holding Vista back.

I'm not sure you can run this after you already have Vista installed