Friday, May 22, 2009

here is a good reason to master the language you sing in

take me tonight is the name of the song that was written to the first DSDS (Deutschland sucht den Superstar) - Germany's version of American idol.

The composer / lyrics writer is Dieter Bohlen, who was the guy who was the keyboard/guitar player in Modern Talking & wrote most if not all of the material of the band.

During one live TV show of DSDS, one of the other judges (dieter was also a judge in the show), told him that it means other than what he thinks, but he dismissed her with 'I don't mind'.

This reminded me of the all time classic 'i wanna fuck you in the ass' dutch commercial.

And the brilliant 'we are sinking'.


Amit said...

Wait... so what does it mean?

And not entirely unrelated:

Doron Hirsch said...

The one with the German cost guard?

Amit said...

Sorry... misunderstanding on my end :)